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This website is an attempt to initiate a system whereby webserver and traditional correspondence chess players' game results are entered into a webserver database either by the Ratings Registrar or, more directly, by the relevant Director of Play. This is accomplished by entry through the Management Menu using an email address and an associated password.

The CCLA server will store each event's data. At the end of the pertinent quarter the Ratings Registrar will process (by mouseclicks) the data entered in that quarter for each involved event. This will update the participating players' ratings and other database values. The calculations are based upon each players' game results and the ICCF formulae employed.

Data for that quarter will then be displayed according to the menu option(s) chosen by the viewer. In this way, people can keep a timely and watchful eye on their own and others' progress!

The site will be under constant development, and it is hoped that this web-based method of ratings calculations will become the de facto process for adjusting correspondence/webserver players' ratings data; as opposed to using a standalone software program that had been the practice from 1986 to 2014.

Please don't be shy to report any perceived data errors to the Ratings Registrar! Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 0414 932 685.

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