Below is the latest news from the CCLA. The items are in descending date sequence.

01/10/2017 – Zone 4 v Netherlands
The 100 board Friendly Match between Zone 4 (Africa Asia Australia) and The Netherlands is planned to commence 1 October 2017.

08/07/2017 – New issues of magazine now available
New issues of the CCLA magazine are now available in the magazine section.

01/07/2017 – CCM Barrie Mulligan
Congratulations to Barrie Mulligan who is the first Australian player to be awarded the new ICCF title. Barrie achived Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) at the end of 2016 and Correspondence Chess Master (CCM) in March 2017 with norms achived in the Malcolm Peltz Memorial and the Australian Masters 2016. CCE titles have since been awarded to Colin McKenzie, Derek Roebuck, John Mulder and Brian Jones.

01/05/2017 – Friendly Matches 2017
The Friendly Matches page has been updated for 2017. See the Friendly Matches link.

24/02/2017 – IA Peter Maylott
Congratulations to Peter Maylott who has recently been awarded his International Arbiter title by ICCF. Peter is the first CCLA member to receive the IA title since George Stibal, who died in 2010.

24/02/2017 – IM Ralph Basden
Long-serving CCLA member IM Ralph Basden passed away in Wollongong on 24 January 2017. Ralph continued to play by post until recently but will be most remembered for his 4th place in World Championship 21 Semi-final 5 and his good performances in the 29th and 31st Australian Championships.

01/02/2017 – New Friendly Matches
We plan to organise friendly matches soon against Spain, Poland, Scheming Mind, White Rose and England U2000.

01/01/2017 – Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from the CCLA.

20/10/2016 – 19th Africa Asia Australia Zone
The new event, the 19th Africa Asia Australia Zone Preliminaries, has been announced. See details at AA Zone

15/09/2016 – Website for ICCF Afro Asia Zone
The ICCF Afro Asia Zone website is at

10/09/2016 – Updated news/results for FAST and Bicycle Events
The pages for the FAST and Bicycle events have been updated with the latest events and information. Check out the Events page for the links.

01/09/2016 – New May issue of Magazine out now!
New May issue of Magazine out now! Click on

01/08/2016 – New FAST Events
The new FAST events are now available.

01/07/2016 – Bicycle Events now free
The entry fee for future Bicycle Events is now 0.

01/06/2016 – 1st Interstate Teams now finished!
The 2015 Australian Interstate Teams Championships event has concluded with WA coming 1st with 9-3 followed by TAS with 8.5-3.5.

01/05/2016 – 2nd Interstate Teams
The 2nd Interstate Teams Championship will start in July 2016.

01/04/2016 – New Bicycle Event kicks off
A new Bicycle event kicks off. Let us know if you would like to play in a future event.

01/03/2016 – Latest standings in 2015 Australian Championships
Barrie Mulligan is closer to winning the 2015 Australian Championships.